Wireless 9 Buttons Paging System

W-9 plug P-9 Series

                       New Design Donuts Guest Paging System

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  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Club
  • Casino
  • Hospitals
  • Nurse station
  • Hotels
  • Convention centers

       Main Function

  • POCSAG Formats
  • One button instant paging
  • Group Call
  • Long distance
  • Easy to install
  • Programming by PC
  • Stackable pager battery recharging




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The W-9 donuts guest paging system is newly designed to instantly page the waiting guests with a simple button

depressing. The system's individual calling button features can transmit a single or group messages to the assigned

pager users.  While the paging function is activated, the blue LED located at the donut paging station top will be lighted on

to indicate that the transmission and paging process is on the way.

                         Specifications of W-9 Paging station & P-9 Donuts receiver Pager

Model Number: W-9 Service paging master P-9 Donut pager
Frequency: 410-490MHz. 410-490MHz.
Frequency Oscillator type: Crystal controller.
Paging format:  POCSAG
Baud rate: 512bps / 1200bps / 2400bps.
Alarm: Function A.B.C.D Beep,Vibrator,3 color LEDs.
RF output power: 1W (Max).  
Antenna: Spring antenna inside. Loop antenna inside.
Modulation: FSK
Deviation: 4.0Khz
Stability: ±20 ppm ±20 ppm
Pager Capacity: 9 Buttons.
Operating Voltage: DC12V 1A with a  AC100~240V 50/60Hz Switching Power Adapter. 3.6V Rechargeable Ni-MH battery inside.
Programming: via USB with P/C via USB with P/C
Power Consumption: Standby with pagers charging 60-150mA, On TX  0.5A (at 1 watts) Standby 6mA, Alarm 35mA.
Size: 15.5 CM X 17 CM X 23 CM. 90mm round

400g without AC adapter

65g with rechargeable battery
                                                                             Notes:  Specifications are subject to change without notice