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 Welcome visit to Wireless Devices Inc. Taiwan.


The Wireless devices Inc. was established and invested by several wireless HAM radio amateurs and RF communication engineers over 35 years ago in 1982. In that era early ,

the company mainly produced the RF linear power amplifier for Ham radio applications, which includes the HF Band VHF band and UHF band with RF power implication range from lowest to higher up100 Watt 200 Watt or even more if customer requested.Since the market sales is growing with many customer asking the security products to us.

Therefore, we have gradually developed and expanded our sales into the car alarm system,2 way radios, and cordless telephone for USA Market. During this stage, we have also made the Car telephone (early Mobile phone) range from 1 KM to 150 KM for the middle east market.

Starting from the year 1988, we, the Wireless devices Inc., have manufactured the Pagers and Paging system. For the pager, it covers form the early tone pager to latest numeric
and alphanumeric pagers and special application text message paging receiver etc.
About the main paging system, we supply the on-site paging system for all market use demands and the more bigger paging service applications for the various carrier providers
The paging system code formats gradually upgraded from the 2 Tone format, 5 tone, NEC code, POCSAG, Flex... many formats on our provided systems. At the same time, we also offer the total solution design such as the custom demands Pager IC and Encoder IC etc for the worldwide customers needs.

 In the year 1998, we had more wide applications and design using the POCSAG techniques into WWVB synchronous wireless clock control, wireless electricity management, water supply application, wireless LED sign board, alarm transmitter, wireless pendants, health tracking control, communication and first aids etc. The POCSAG paging products usages are more and more
such as the restaurant service paging and medical care.

Into the year 2017, the Wireless devices Inc. has involved in the public service supply development in the filed of the IoT (internet of things) linking devices and modules, sub1GHz via Wi-Fi to smart phone, POCSAG alarm to smart phone, wireless meter systems, which are the wireless Gas meter, Power electricity meter, water meter...

looking Getting better and better the market feed back are excellent.

For more than 35 years experiences in the paging field, the market sales is growing year by year along with more wireless and communication skills improvement.

If any of you has any market sales and application ideas. Please hands it to us
for speedily and less cost development into your desired market sales usages.

Of course, any OEM, ODM are all welcome..

  We specialize in:

  • IoT Modules, wireless telemetry.
  • Wireless messaging & digital data receiver.
  • Wireless Application system, Transmitter & Receiver.
  • POCSAG pager, and sub 1Ghz service device
  • Wireless Total solution, Encoder ICs, Decoder ICs.
  • Wireless clock system, Wireless LED sign board
  • Base band circuitry and processor design for radio links VHF,UHF,450MHz,868MHz,900MHz and 2.4Ghz...



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