Specification of PDR-Y1707




Multi-Function Radio Paging Data Receiver Modules

Via Paging Network Applications

Built-in TTL output and RS-232 driver on board

The Y1707 Series is the high performance VHF/UHF/900MHz paging data receiver which is an ideal product for providing remote control and one way telemetry by utilizing either the existed POCSAG paging infrastructure or on-premises paging equipment. These units provide eight addressable TTL output lines as and a RS-232 serial port output.


Main Function

  • Wide range of operation frequency
  • POCSAG, Baud: 512bps/1200bps/2400bps 
  • Built-in RS-232 Driver (9600bps)
  • Built-in 6 Ports On/Off Output to Driver Relays
  • Data output TTL or RS-232 Output
  • Numeric( 4bit) / Alphanumeric (7bit) selectable
  • Over the Air to Reprogram the Pager ID and Password
  • Programming by RS-232 from P/C Windows
  • Internal Antenna For Long distance


  • Data Receiver
  • Remote Controller
  • Car Burglar Alarm
  • Telemetry
  • Data Monitor
  • Advertisement Panel
  • Taxicab Call message
  • LED Message sign

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70mm X 50 mm X 18 mm (Module only without Housing)

76mm X 72mm X 33mm (with Housing)

Power supply requirements:

6-24V DC. 50mA maximum current consumption.


30gm(Module only) / 60gm (with housing)

Operation Temperature


RF Performance

Frequency bands: 

136~174MHz,279~286MHz(synthesize or crystal),             

420~490MHz,929~933MHz by crystals Oscillator only.           

No-tune bandwidth: 

10Mhz VHF, 20MHz UHF.

Frequency stability:

+/- 2.5ppm standard

Channel spacing

12.5kHz or 25kHz


FSK NRZ, POCSAG format 512, 1200 or 2400 Bps



Inter modulation rejection


PLL step size



-106db/M (512bps),-105db/M (1200bps), -103db/M (2400bps)

User Interfaces 


RS-232 -9600 Bps


8 discrete outputs, TTL levels. 


Via serial port or Over the Air Reprogramming.


Built-in loop antenna

Output port

Max 250mA/each port / Low for active

 How to issue command: Click here see  Command list [V1.0]

     Pin and Connector (type S)


  • J1 DC Jack for DC Power 6~13 V Input.
  • J3 (Phone Jack) RS-232 Connect with Computer for POCSAG Data receiver Use Only.
  • Green color, LED for Paging network signal Indicate.
  • Red color, LED for Power ON Indicate.
  • J2 Main connector for multi input/output and power connect with Computer or Relays, also to Connect with computer to programming.
  • J2-1 O/1 for Port #1 output to drive to relays.
  • J2-2 O/2 for Port #2 output to drive to relays.
  • J2-3 O/3 for Port #3 output to drive to relays.
  • J2-4 O/4 for Port #4 output to drive to relays.
  • J2-5 O/5 for Port #5 output to drive to relays.
  • J2-6 O/6 for Port #6 output to drive to relays.
  • J2-7, 8,16 for DC power Input DC 6~13 V+.
  • J2-9, 10 System ground for power V-.
  • J2-11 Ground for RS-232. (Connect with Computer Pin 5 of RS-232 DB9).
  • J2-12 TXD for data output. (Connect with Computer Pin 2 of RS-232 DB9).
  • J2-13 RXD, for data input. (Connect with Computer Pin 3 of RS-232 DB9).
  • J2-14 TXD (TTL level output).
  • J2-15 RXD (TTL level input).

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                                                                                       Specifications subject to change without notice.