M-838 Wireless Waiter call System

Art Acrylic Shape with Bills Holding

                              Calling Waiters Just Press of a Service button


  • Restaurants, Bar, Club,
  • VIP room, VIP Table.
  • Hotels, Casino...


Main Function

  • Art form acrylic design
  • Long distance
  • Long battery life
  • Easy set-up
  • Built-in bill holder
  • Messages programmable
  • 1 call N or N call 1
  • Battery low indicate
  • Anti-theft sensor (option)



    Programming by































   The M-838Art Waiter Call System is designed to directly page waiters with a simple Red button depressing.

   And for higher class service in restaurant trend recently, the M-838Art is made into a fine art shape of acrylic

   materials with the bill holding feature. It is not only the wireless paging device, but also is a part of inside

   restaurant decoration. Annoying you by raising your hand to call for services all the times? To get rid of this

   long waiting, simply press the Waiters Call button.     


                                            Specifications of Encoder/Transmitter

Item No. M-838Art-10 M-838Art-35
Paging format:  POCSAG
Baud rate: 512bps / 1200bps / 2400bps.
Message: Numeric and Alphanumeric (Max 40 Character)
Message data: Any Numeric or Alphanumeric.
RF output 10 mW 35mW
Modulation: FSK ,NRZ.
Deviation: 4.5Khz
Stability: ±10 ppm
Key input: 1 Button.
Operating Voltage: 9 V Alkaline battery
Programming: via USB with P/C
Battery life about half year ( 10 Time per day) about 4 months (10 time per day)
Size: Bill holder type:56mm X 56mm X 73mm,  Ice block type :56mm X 56mm X 36mm.
Model Weight:

Bill holder type 200 g (with battery). Ice block type 138 g (with battery).

                                                                             Notes:  Specifications are subject to change without notice