Specification of TXF-5500V/U



Transmitter Module


High Power VHF/UHF Compact Data Transmitter Module

VHF Band from 130MHz to 174MHz 1-5Watt

UHF Band from 400MHZ to 520MHz 1-5Watt



 ↑ Option A. BNC coaxial cable

 ↓ Option B.SMA coaxial cable 


For Wireless Application

The TXF-5500V/U, which is the high reliability and low cost, high power output FM/FSK transmitter in VHF and UHF band, is an ideal design module used for Paging system, wireless data messaging, and wireless telemetry applications etc.


    Main Function

  • VHF band 130~174MHz
  • UHF band 400~520MHz
  • Narrow band FM or FSK Modulation
  • High RF output adjustable up to 5W
  • Data rate up to 6.4Kbps.
  • 6 times crystallized oscillation controller 
  • Operation temperature from -20 -- +70
  • Small Size: 95mm X 35mm X 17mm
  • BNC antenna jack on board
  • Option BNC coaxial cable or SMA coaxial cable