Specification of TXF-2000U



Transmitter Module


UHF band Compact Data Transmitter  420MHZ~470MHz 1.5Watt



↑ Option BNC coaxial cable / SMA coaxial cable ↓

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For Wireless Application

The TXF-2000U, which is the high reliability and low cost FM and FSK transmitter in UHF band, is an ideal design module used for Paging system, wireless data messaging, and wireless telemetry applications etc.


    Main Function

  • 420~470MHz
  • FM/FSK Modulation
  • High power output up to 1.5W
  • POCSAG or any 2 level data formats
  • Data rate up to 6.4Kbps.
  • 6 times crystallized oscillation controller 
  • Operation temperature from -20 -- +70
  • Small Size: 77mm X 27mm X 15mm
  • BNC antenna jack on board
  • Option BNC Jack with coaxial cable
  • Option SMA Jack with coaxial cable