Specification of PE-800X


POCSAG Encoder Module

PE-800X Serirs


Miniature 8 Calls POCSAG Encoder              Part No: PE-800XS * PE-800S is for 8 dry alarm input item.

Miniature 16 Calls POCSAG Encoder           Part No: PE-800XH * PE-800H is for 4x4 keypad call input item.





Paging system

Waiter paging service application

Car alarm system

Remote controller

Train tracking check system

2 way radio

High Reliability Paging Encoder

For Wireless Application

The well-designed miniature encoder PE-800X, which has the 8/16 call POCSAG data inputs, is an USB microprocessor control products mainly used for message encoding into the digital POCSAG (CCIR RPC1) paging format. And the 8 or 16 call inputs allows the device to generate 8 or 16 different addresses and numeric or alphanumeric messages for the encoder paging application usages.

    Main Function

  • USB port pre-programmable
  • POCSAG,CCIR# (NRZ) standard format
  • Data rate 512/1200/2400bps programmable
  • Numeric or alphanumeric message
  • Normal/ Invert data selectable by jumper
  • Output data level adjustment
  • Positive or negative activation select
  • small size and easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide voltage operation from DC 6-20V
  • Small Size: 45mm X 33mm X 5mm


   I/O Connector

  • 1. key 1 In (S type), Key pad X1 (H type)

  • 2. key 2 In (S type), Key pad X2 (H type)

  • 3. key 3 In (S type), Key pad X3 (H type)

  • 4. key 4 In (S type), Key pad X4 (H type)

  • 5. key 5 In (S type), Key pad Y1 (H type)

  • 6. key 6 In (S type), Key pad Y2 (H type)

  • 7. key 7 In (S type), Key pad Y3 (H type)

  • 8. key 8 In (S type), Key pad Y4 (H type)

  • 9. GND

  • 10. V+ 4-15V

  • 11. +PTT (High to Action)

  • 12. -PTT (Low to Action)

  • 13. Invert Data Output

  • 14. Normal Data Output

      1.25 mm X 14 Pin

Down Load Operation Manual



Part No: PE-800S/H

Data Format


Data Rate


Data output Level

0V- 5V

Memory Slot

8 or 16

Message Type

Numeric or Alphanumeric

Repeat Call

1-4 time



2-2400 bits

Power source

DC 6-20 V

PCB Size

35mm X 26mm X 5mm.

Power consumption

Standby 15uA TX 11mA


8 grams.

                                                                                                   Specifications subject to change without notice.