Specification of M-838SKD


POCSAG Transmitter Module





Paging system

Waiter paging service

Car alarm system

Home security system

Remote controller

8 Dry-Contact Inputs POCSAG Transmitter

SKD (Semi-Kit Device)

The well-designed miniature Model M-838SKD, which has the 8 dry-contacts inputs POCSAG Encoder with 10mW or 35mW built-in FSK Transmitter, is an USB microprocessor control products mainly used for message encoding into the digital POCSAG paging format. And the 8 inputs M-838SKD allows the device to generate 8 different addresses and numeric or alphanumeric messages for the air paging application usages.

    Main Function

  • USB port Pre-programmable
  • POCSAG, CCIR#1 (NRZ) standard format
  • Data rate 512/1200/2400bps programmable
  • Numeric or alphanumeric message
  • Built-in 10 or 35 mW transmitter
  • Easy assembly and connection
  • Low power consumption
  • Low battery warning  indication
  • Wide voltage operation from DC 6-20V
  • Small Size: 46mm X 46mm X 9mm


   I/O Connector

  • 1. key 1 In

  • 2. key 2 In

  • 3. key 3 In

  • 4. key 4 In

  • 5. key 5 In

  • 6. key 6 In

  • 7. key 7 In

  • 8. key 8 In

  • 9. GND

  • 10. V+ 6-20V




Part No: M-838SKD

Data Format


Data Rate


RF output

10 mW or 35 mW

Memory Slot


Message Type

Numeric or Alphanumeric

Repeat Call

1-4 times



2-2400 bits

Power source

DC 6-20 V

PCB Size

46mm X 46mm X 9mm.

Power consumption

Standby 15uA TX 80mA


10 grams.

                                                                                                   Specifications subject to change without notice.