Specification of M-100P2L                                                                                   


                                                    2 Lines POCSAG Data Messaging Pager



Memory Capacity

Max 20 Personal messages, max message length is 960 ASCII,                                                    Max 12 mail drop messages, max message length  is 1,920 ASCII.

Address Capacity

Total 6 paging addresses,1 address for personal calls, 2 addresses for group calls & 3 addresses for mail-drops, And all of function codes can be programmed  in tone or numeric or alphanumeric receiving format.

LCD Display Format

2 line characters + 1 line ICON, maximum 18 characters per line     

Service Area Indication

The ' ' icon is to show the pager under or out of the paging area services. and this feature is selectable by software programming.

LCD Back Lighting


Low Battery Alert

Audible alert reminds low battery in every 4 minutes

Time/Date Display

Real time of the day with 12/24 hours, AM/PM format and calendar date.

Time stamp for receiving messages.

Received message with the actual time and date indication.

Message protection

Max 10 personal messages and 10 mail-drops

Message Delete

The stored messages can be deleted individually or all cleared simultaneously except the protected and unread messages.

Unread Message

audible alert reminds unread message in every 3 minutes

Duplicate message

Duplicate message indication provided

Error Message

Error message indication provided

3 Selectable Alerts

Beep, Vibration, Silent

Extend beep alert


Melody Alert

12 Musical Alerts

Tone Alert                 

4 different tone alerts


3 Alarm Clocks.

Language versions

English (U.S.), English (U.K.), Russian (Cyrillic, Linguist), Portuguese, Spanish, , French, Italian,

OTA function

The pager can be disabled and enabled by OTA

Numeric message

The pager also can receive numeric message if the cap-code is programmed as numeric type

Sequential Lock-out


Available colors

Black Case


One "AAA" size (1.5V), Alkaline

Battery Back-up

15 seconds (when the battery is replaced)



Frequency Range

138~174MHz, 278~284MHz, 400~499MHz, 928~932MHz Bands

Channel Spacing


Signal Format


Data Transmission Rate


Modulation System

Carrier frequency shift keying (NRZ)

Frequency Deviation

4.5KHz (max. 5KHz)

Paging Sensitivity

512bps 5uV/m, 1200bps 6.3uV/m, 2400bps 8uV/m


60dB 25KHz

Image Rejection


Spurious Rejection


Frequency Stability

<10 PPM (-10XC~ 50XC) and 5 PPM in option.

Alert Tone Output

>75dB (SPL) 30 cm, frequency 2731 Hz

Operating Voltage

1.5V (1.11V-1.7V)

Power Consumption

0.3 mA in the standby mode and 3.5 mA while receiving messages.

Housing Dimensions

60mm(L) x 42(W) mm x 18mm(H).


42g with battery.

Operating Temp. Humidity

-10XC~ 40XC

Storing Temp Humidity

-10XC~ 40XC


                                                                     Notes:  Specifications are subject to change without notice